Your art warms the soul, brings joy to the heart and lifts the spirit. They possess an indescribable beauty !!! Thank you.
M S Desa, Malaysia
Bonsoir, tes toiles me plaisent énormément et m'attirent. J'aimerais qu'on garde contact ensemble. J'aime beaucoup tes écrits et moi aussi j'espère la paix dans ce monde. Je te sens comme une personne très profonde et et en grande harmonie. A bientôt , bye.
joe, France
In my most humble of ways, I thank God you have succeeded. Your work is inspiring and has given my eyes and body rest and beauty when none was available. I do not have the means to see you opening, but, know it will be a success. If I had the funds I would have purchased your work when it was more affordable (LOL). You have a gift, give it to the world each day. Pick up your brush and touch the souls of others with your wonderful talent.
Joe Lucasti, USA
Thank you for letting me enter your world through your art.Your art is done with great passion.Your a brilliant artist and one of my favorites.I signed your book before but had to let you know again after viewing your new works.There outstanding as always.One artisst to another the artworld is a better place with your art in it.
John, USA
Chaque oeuvre est d'une délicatesse indéfinissable, un bijoux d'art, un moment de grâce pour l'oeil et l'esprit, merci, un espoir... merci.
Christel Deromedi, Singapore
I can't Imagine that your painting (AMAZING LAND) is here with me, thank your very much, your work is outstanding and inspiring, keep going and good luck.
Mohammed Jasim Al-Abdullah, Kuwait
Dear pretty lady, thanks for sharing me all the wonderful feeling, I was able to feel a moment of peace, hope and love in a time of great loss. Your work is very inspiring and the beauty in your work reflected from the beauty coming from both, your inner and outer. You touched my soul with your wonderful talent. Always take your brush and paint the light in the darkness. La vie est belle...
Feryal, Kuwait
Early morning hours lost in the beauty of the gift the powers above have given all the world, through your paintings online I was able for a moment to feel joy and laughter in a time of great loss. Thank you SO VERY much for sharing all your talents and gifts with the world. You're inspiration to me. 
Brandon Stevens, Fort Collins Colorado, USA
Your work is absolutely beautiful. I especially like how you capture the essence of water reflection and your vibrant use of color. I spent most of my youth creating art but worldy clamours distracted me for a long time and I stopped. For whatever reason, I recently began creating again; impressionist oil painting, and I love it. Your work played a big part as inspiration to enable this to happen again. I felt compelled to let you know my gratitude. 
Jeff Lindgren, USA

Dear Xiaoyang Galas,  I just wanted to let you know how absolutely beautiful your pictures are. They remind me of my favorite master, Vincent van Gogh. They are so full of color, life and light. I love them. They have deeply inspired me in my own work. I wish you all the success and inspiration you could possibly want. Thanks.

Marque Pierre, UK
I am a teacher in the Theatre Academy in Bucharest and although puppeteer witch maybe will explain something!
You have to know that my words are coming from you, from your artwork and i think this is natural when you have the courage to reveal your soul like you do!
I can feel you very close to me watching your paintings and is this feeling the most important for me to another artist!
Gabriel, England
Your work is exquise! I particularly enjoyed the still lifes. The joy you have in you work and in your faith come shining through!
Bunny Olivier

Hello. I was just wondering if you ever recreate pieces that you have done that have already sold. I've noticed on my many return visits to your site that my favorite works have already sold.

I have recently purchased a travel agency, and as I look at some of your paintings they really inspire me to visit the cities you depict, and as such, I think your cityscapes would be wonderful hanging in my travel agency.
Jennifer, USA
Your new work as always is breathtaking and beautiful. You, in my eyes are the best upcoming artist I've seen in a long time. I hope some day to develop the talent you have .Love your work it's outstanding as always. Your awesome. Caio,
Joe Lucasti, USA
I love the variety of your work.  The Asian roots of your flowers and mountains, the 'Impressionist' period of  your street scenes.  Colors, oh, your gift is in this.  You Chi is emitted from most of your works.  The one's you can feel: the movement, the something that cannot be taught.   I have never been moved by an arrangement of flower's before. (I'm not really that type of persona to begin with.)  None in which I could actually feel the emotion in which the arrangement is  represented.  Street scenes that move or have the emptiness or anticipation within..  Water scene's in which the tranquility of moon over water represents.  Even the boats. you can feel them tired from the day's work and resting in peace.  Mountains in which the serenity and gift God bestowed to us by Dominon to take care have a wonderful gift that cannot be taught, only demonstrated by putting brush to canvas.  You may evolve, but do not give up your variety as this is what is within you.
Joe, VA, USA
Your oils are gorgeous. I admire style, usage of color and subject matter.
Candice Holeczko
Wu Shiping, China
Dear Xiaoyang, I am the one who is so in love with your Lonely Paris... Your painting brings such joy to my heart. Your expression, color, mood, and love for painting speak out with spirit and inspiration. Stay true with your gift to create a joy for others. I think you are wonderful! The little green front hotel where I stayed in Paris was originally a Monastery before it became a hotel. There were only 6 or 8 rooms to this hotel and it was situated on a very narrow cobblestone street with a little green front.. just as with your picture. My impressions of Paris were awakened again with your painting of Lonely Paris.. The month of December... a lonely time but also as beautiful as your picture Lonely Paris. Thank you again.
Patricia Harbour
Hello My Friend in France!! The painting is here! It is sooooooo beautiful!! Thank you so very much. I love it! I look forward to another one from you in the future. Please do not forget my name. You will hear from me again soon. Thanks, too, for all your help. Thanks.
Jennifer, USA

It is in the darkness that the soul learns to appreciate the light. If one dwells in the darkness to long, the soul will fail to recognize the light.

The balance of life occurs in all aspects.  It is the backbone of your Home Lands beliefs, the root of all things great and small. The Greatest feat of an Architect is to find balance.
I empathize with you as when young I had many gifts. The one that shown light and one that was a way of darkness.  In America, many arts and crafts of humanitarian value are regarded as feminine.  It was thus my Father made all efforts to exploit the darker of my talents.  This darkness, eventually fights with the light and the soul is left in constant chaos, with only small times of appeasement.  God did protect me often throughout my life, but, dwelling in the darkness will shirk the soul.   However the years have taught me that the gifts of each have to be viewed with the proper perspective/insight.  I found that 'youth' was my only real enemy.
My humble example: This morning here, the snow blanketed the trees.  Grey sky, cold, dreary by most standards. In my youth I would have complained and went back to bed.  Age has taught me the beauty in the silence, the trees, each limb different, the subtle sounds of small drifts of the snow on the branches falling to the ground which would not have been heard otherwise, the cardinal with its bright red against the snow, the finch and blue jays who's color dwindles in the winter as bright as their summer coat, and the sparrow which seems so insignificant now shows an array of browns, and black.   You see the beautify is not in the day; but, in the life God has sown.  Look at the life in all that surrounds  you  and it is there you will see the light.  Even in any crowd you can see a child smiling....there is always a sign of light and hope......
Put brush to canvas..... paint the light in the darkness...Put brush to canvas... like the sword of the Samari, your brush is your soul.
God bless and be well.
Joe, USA
Your paintings are beautiful, especially the nature scenes. I especially appreciate your artist statement. I also try to make beautiful things, and try never to forget to thank God for a gift that he has given me.
Ms. Galas has vivid colors and a great feel for the beauty of our world that surrounds us all.
Roger Bruneau
Your skill about painting nature is absolute the highest level. Among the best I have seen. Good luck with your work.
I was amazed to see how young you are with such a mature body of work. I love the looseness of your brush strokes. They remind me of the deft way that Robert Henri used the brush. My favorites are any paintings that feel like you were there on sight feverishly capturing the light, movement and forms. You inspire!
Dear Xiaoyang. Praise God! your work is wonderful. I too praise God for the talent he brings to us. Thank you so much for sharing that in your artist statement. God bless you.
Caroline Goldsmith
I am happy that you are getting international exposure through the internet. Your great works of art deserve to seen by as many people around the world. Congratulations!
Milena, Switzerland
Xiaoyang, your oil paintings are so beautiful to me that they give me the feeling of wanting to be there. You show how an old street has it's own beauty and worthy to be painted on canvas. With lots of inner feelings I thank you for sharing your full of life art works. Visit me too on this artweb. Anton, in Sydney, Australia.
Anton Vogels, Australia
Hello Xiaoyang, I looked at your page in Absolutearts and I also showed it to some friends, it is very professional and I urge you to continue painting as well as now and to continue traveling to get always new impulse. I wish you a lot of success Milena with friends from the UN PS: Soon there will be an exhibition of Chinese paintings at the UN Organized by the Club du livre chinois... you should try to make contact with them..
Milena, Switzerland
Your last work is simply wonderful. 'WOW' were the words that slipped from my lips as I sat in awe of the explosion of color and feeling coming off the page. Having just reviewed some work by newer artist on the net, no one has the color, format, strength or maturity of your work. You are blessed.
Hi Xiaoyang, I looked at this page once again, I Find it beautiful. I've sent the address to many friends, Veronique in Japan is looking at it right now, she likes it too. Could you update your list of exhibitions to show the current one? It seems to me that it is missing. Congratulations.
Milena, Switzerland
Pearly touch...softouching my heart signed artist Kiddolee
Kiddolee, Malaysia
Hi Xiaoyang it was a pleasure to visit your portfolio, very amazing works, strong and warm colors, Emilio
Emilio, Italy
I have truly enjoyed viewing you work. What a wonderful talent you share with the world.
Kelly Madley

Xiaoyang ; Your work truly took me to a place of peace. Your use of color, especially in your landscapes, creates a feeling of a world one can usually only imagine exists. As a fellow absolute arts member I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work and look forward to seeing all the new works to come Sincerely Tim Scott
Tim Scott
Xiaoyang, I would like to tell you that I have enjoyed very much looking at your work and your palette. I am a Peruvian artist who lives between caballos y caballetes (horses and easels). I wish you the best in your life. Nini
Nini Larranaga
Your paintings are awesome. Especially the sky and water scenes. Looking forward to seeing more of your art. Thank you for wonderful view of your art. Bravo!
Dear Xiaoyang, Some very remarkable new work. Likewise your statement. Thank you for allowing me to see it. Wish you all the best. Sam
I just want to say your art moves me. It seems your art is done with great emotion. simply one word describes your work, Awesome.
JohnGravante, NY, USA
Hi Xiaoyang, I just want to say your art moves me ! Your paintings bring such joy to me , especially VIEW FROM SKY and AMAZING LAND !!!! CONGRATULATION! Come and look at my site, and feel free to sign in my guestbook ( , www.Artq.Net under the name Briitte Hintner ) With the best Brischit from Tyrol
Brigitte Hintner
Your work is very inspiring dramatic in it's own way you truly live up to your artist statement
Anne Mac Donald
Peaceful afternoon is excellent! Perfect color solution and great loose technique!
Julia Lesnichy
Wow, I really feel your colors. October is so very rich with everything that feels good & pure. YOUR HEART MUST BE HUGE & FULL OF LOVE! Annecy in Dusk is beautiful. Coucher de Soleil a Colmar is incredible... I feel that you had to have a life altering experience while creating that art work! Lijiang forever & Reve de Toscane are absolutely amazing. I love your color & textures in Piano In Sky. I appreciate you & your art work. Merci. If you ever get to NYC. look me up. Peace & Love.
Artoni Anthony Fletcher
Peaceful, fulfilling, deeper than the surface, gleaming interpretations. Continued luck and focus!
Brad Michael Moore
Oh! What a great pleasure to see your paintings. Beautiful paintings. I have saved your page. With best wishes. Be good See good & Do good. Swayam
Swayam Prakash Shrestha
You would love the colors in Scandinavia now. Actually, I get the feeling you love color everywhere. Thank you. Kevin, Australian artist in Norway.
Kevin Parratt
Your work is absolutely beautiful. I especially like how you capture the essence of water reflection and your vibrant use of color. I spent most of my youth creating art but worldly clamors distracted me for a long time and I stopped. For whatever reason, I recently began creating again; impressionist oil painting, and I love it. Your work played a big part as inspiration to enable this to happen again. I felt compelled to let you know my gratitude. Jeff.
Jeff Lindgren
The new works: Extraordinary!!! You are blessed with a use of colors that is seldom found. I'll elaborate next week..... your blues.. unbelievable... your street,  I can feel you looking, searching... unbelievable.
Hello Xiaoyang - I enjoyed receiving your updates. I am an Australian Artist living in Norway. It is also a very nice portrait photo on this website. happy painting!
Kevin Parratt
Early morning hours lost in the beauty of the gift the powers above have given all the world, through your paintings online I was able for a moment to feel joy and laughter in a time of great loss. Thank you so very much for sharing all your talents and gifts with the world. You're inspiration to me.
Brandon Stevens, Colorado, USA
Your beauty is reflected in your work, both inner and outer... Chi, most perfect for such a young person... may God bless you and your path and maintain a hold on your brush. Always.
Joe, USA